Camera brackets

MSNGR Wireless

When it comes to sports video production, getting the "shot" is what it's all about. Having a camera in the right place at the right time can pose a challenge. In sports venues, typically there are camera connection points throughout the venue that allow a camera to connect into the video production system.  This is a very effective way to achieve a multi-cam setup, but getting a camera connection point at every spot you desire can be pricey and add complexity to the system. 

Adding a wireless video system is a great solution to get that camera shot without being tied down to a connection point in the venue. An added benefit of going wireless is losing the camera cable, enabling you to move about the venue during the event and set up different camera angles. 

A wireless system is great for marketing game promotions, crowd shots and presentations to the video board or web streaming. With the improvement of technology and affordability, it is now easier to implement a wireless camera system into your video production system.  Our DB Series Brackets integrate multiple wireless systems with Anton Bauer configurations.  Anton Bauer batteries are an industry standard in production and provide plenty of juice to power an entire event.  This setup allows use of both consumer and prosumer cameras. Check out a few pictures of the MSNGR Wireless featuring our DB Series Brackets.  

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