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Odessa Jackalopes Upgrade Fan Experience with Video Improvements

The Jacks are well into the 2017 - 2018 schedule and new upgrades provide added entertainment to fans in the arena as well as to those watching online.  

The Odessa Jackalopes recently completed renovations in their home arena in Odessa, Texas.  Ector Coliseum now sports a new video board and upgraded video production system.  The new system features a NewTek production solution that is able to switch cameras, playback audio and video clips as well as queue up graphics for lower thirds, animations or full screen content.  Numerous crowd prompts can be played from the system, engaging fans throughout their games.  In addition to upgrading the video control room components, the cameras were also upgraded to High Definition Sony cameras.  One of the cameras is outfitted with an MSG wireless video solution to capture fan shots and unique angles of game play.  The second camera, which is the main camera, follows the action and is connected to the control room via SDI cabling.


The league's streaming service, HockeyTV, also benefited from the upgrades as now the Jackalopes are able to stream their games live to viewers around the country in High Definition! 

For those wanting to check out their games, check out: HockeyTV


Camera Storage and Transport

When you make an investment into purchasing a camera, you definitely want your investment to last. In schools and organizations, multiple people are handling the facilities' cameras, including students who are just learning how to handle fragile camera equipment.  

A solution we have had great success with is using hard cases, specifically, Pelican cases.  Pelican has been around since 1976 and specializes in producing cases for any application and environment.  With their multiple case size options, we can specify the perfect case to fit any camera. Not only do we account for space for the camera but also accessories that are needed with the camera.  Pelican cases are great on their own, but they also ship with "pick and pluck" foam that provides extra protection for your equipment and allows you to customize your case to fit your exact needs.  Their "Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence Warranty" is one of the best in the industry and ensures peace of mind that the case will outlast the equipment it's protecting.  Check out some of the camera systems we were able to outfit Pelican cases for. 

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