TV Truck Integration - South Dakota Public Broadcasting


South Dakota Public Broadcasting Trailer 

South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB) has upgraded their production with the addition of a new production trailer designed by Shook Mobile.  We had the opportunity to work with Lubbock Audio Visual (LAV) and Shook Mobile to complete the integration.  Here is a breakdown of the details and gear that makes up this awesome trailer! 

Video Cameras

  • The trailer is outfitted with (6) Ikegami BST-55 Digital Triax Base Stations and Ikegami HDK-55 HD CCD Cameras with Fujinon XA20 Lenses. The cameras also have VFL-200HD Viewfinders and a case with molded foam. The camera’s picture can be adjusted (shaded) with Ikegami OCP-100 control panel units that are mounted in the countertop at the Engineer position.


Video Switching

  • Switching is handled by a Ross Carbonite Switcher multimedia frame paired with a Carbonite Black 2S 2ME panel. The switcher is capable of 24 inputs, 8 aux outputs, and dedicated preview and program outputs. The switcher can send 2 multi-view outputs out of any of the 8 aux outputs. There are also many layouts you can choose from for the multi-views.



  • For events that require replay, a Tight Rope Media - Zeplay system is used with the capability of accepting 4 inputs and playing back 4 channels of video with audio from embedded sources.



Routing and Patching

  • All video sources and destinations are routed for redundancy by being cabled to AVP AV-D232E1 video patch panels first. The most used sources and destinations are then “normalled” to a Ross NK Series video router (32 in X 64 out). This method of wiring increases the flexibility of using the trailer and is a plan B if the router should fail in rare instances.


  • Recording signals are managed by utilizing up to 6 AJA Kip Pro Rack recorders that record to SSD drives. In addition, there are 2 JVC – SRHD2500 recorders that are capable of burning Blu-Ray discs. All the recorders have the ability to patch or route a signal into them.




  • There are two Ross dual channel Xpression units. These units will handle all overlays and are capable of reading real time data such as scoreboard data for scoring and clock.


Operator Positions / Monitoring

Front Bench  - TD / Producer Area

  • There are 2 – 50” Samsung monitors mounted to the front of the trailer that provide the multi-view outputs from the switcher. The monitors are patchable allowing any source to be patched into each of these monitors. The multi-view outputs of the switcher will mainly be used on these 2 monitors.

CG Operator - Middle Bench

  • 3 – 21” Samsung monitors are mounted to the top of the middle bench. The left monitor is the interface from the Xpression, the middle monitor is fed from an Apantac quad card with routable inputs and the right monitor is the second Xpression interface.


 Engineer, Replay, Tape – Rear of the Trailer

  • 4 – 21” Samsung monitors are custom rack-mounted in the racks and are fed from Apantac OG-MicroQ quad cards that are routable and patchable, allowing the users to route whatever signal they desire into the monitors. The Engineer monitors signal from a Wholer RMT-173RM monitor.



  • A Midas M32 Mixer paired with a DL32 Digital Stage Box controls audio for the trailer. The M32 is a 40-channel Digital Mixing Console with 32 Midas Preamps and 25 Mix Buses. The DL32 Box adds 32-in/16-out Stage Box with 32 Midas Microphone Preamplifiers, Ultranet Ethernet Compatibility and ADAT Digital Connectivity.

  • Audio monitoring in the audio booth is handled by Genelec 8030BPM powered speakers. There is also a Dorrough 40-A dual analog meter rack mounted to keep track of signals. The engineer has a Wholer AMP2-VSDA monitor that is capable of monitoring analog and SDI signals. Tape position has a Wholer AMP-1A-LP10A 10 channel audio monitor for the various recorders. There is also a Wholer VMQ-4 monitor located in the front of the trailer for TD or Producer to use. The speakers in the front of the trailer are also Genelec 8030B powered speakers that are mounted high. For the middle bench and replay operator, there are Marshall AR-AM1 audio monitors.

Audio Flexibility

  • All sources and destinations are cabled to 3 Audio Accessories WEP9615-SH bantam audio patch panels. Certain sources and destinations are "normalled" to a Ross NK 16X16 audio router.


  • I/O panel is located in the rear on the passenger side. 13RU is available for mounting. Triax connection plates, video tie lines, audio tie lines and intercom panels make up the 13RU space. The intercom and audio connections are pass through connectors which give the end user the ability to change the layout of the I/O. We used weather resistant lamacoid labeling in case the I/O layout did indeed change.


To summarize, designing and integrating a mobile production unit comes with a set of challenges that you don't normally run into in a fixed installation.  This trailer is outfitted with some amazing gear that is built to cover a wide range of events.  Shook Mobile builds outstanding vehicles and trailers that continue to impress.  Our main challenge on this integration was managing the amount of cable that ran to the video and audio patch panels.  All in all, a great trailer with endless possibilities! 

Check out SDPB's preview of the trailer in the first month of action! 











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