Value of a Video Production System in Sports


Sporting events have always been a favorite when it comes to spectators. People travel thousands of miles just to watch their favorite team play. This experience has become more convenient and interesting due to the rapid development of technology. One example of this is video production systems in sporting venues. Video production systems have greatly aided field sports in countless ways. Here we explore the value of installing a video production system in conjunction with a video board. Although it can apply to almost any team sport, we will be looking at high school and college football.


Your new system could be used…..


… a showcase of home advantage. One vital factor when it comes to sporting events is where it is played i.e. home field advantage. This is due to the majority of the crowd being on the side of the home team. However, this fact does not add much value if the crowd is not synchronized and does not know what to do to spur their team on. This is where a video board comes in handy. Several crowd prompts could be put up which will result in a synchronized response. This is sure to be a fan favorite when they can help their team by participating alongside an animation during crucial parts in the game. DE-FENSE!


…..for analytical and entertainment purposes. A disadvantage of going to watch an event live compared to watching it on TV is that you do not get to see instant replay.  Through the introduction of a video board, the fans get to see the instant replays. Add multiple cameras, and the fans will also be able to see  different angles and close up shots.  Highlights of touchdowns, great tackles and player responses could all be shown. This could also be used for entertainment purposes as activities could be planned for halftime shows and timeouts. The famous animated race videos are a big hit!  In addition, fans could be shown on the video board; everyone loves to be on the big screen.


… generate revenue. This is perhaps one of the most important advantages for a school to consider. In this day and age, advertising is one of the major earning points in any showcase technology. Video systems are no different. Advertising could be done in such a way that it does not interfere with the experience of the user by playing during highlights and other intervals. Companies will be more than willing to showcase themselves during an event that has people glued to the video board throughout the game. Sponsorships could also be gained for instant replays, touchdowns and the famous play of the day.


… stream to online users.  This results in increased advertising revenue and adds even more sponsorships due to the increase in user base. Footage could also be recorded and archived  for later use by the school, making it possible to sell the game footage to fans depending on the regulations of the district, conference, etc.


Having a new video production system is not only going to be a fan favorite but also a major money maker. It is an opportunity that no school should miss!

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